The ONLY 'natural' hair coloring agent is henna. It is a plant that when dried, ground into a powder and applied to the hair with hot water will color it – the only problem is, it comes in just one color – neon red! If the henna you found online says it will be brown or blonde then it is manufactured with 'some' henna and chemical dyes (called PPD or PPT). Even one application of a henna product will cause a metallic coating on the hair that, when a regular color is applied may cause the hair to melt, smoke and burn. Henna is difficult to remove and after several applications the hair begins to decay and dissolve inside the henna coating. We do not recommend henna.

Surely, in this day and age, they have a natural alternative to the harsh and damaging chemicals that hair color contains? One that covers the grey and does not fade to a completely different color in a few washings?

If you are allergic to hair color have you looked into Elumens by Goldwell?


What I see women doing is going darker with the color they want to achieve because the new growth and grey hair is not being covered to their satisfaction resulting in a dark hair shaft and light root area. It is very frustrating, unflattering! I know some women believe they have to suffer to be beautiful and put up with itching and burning during and after the process, but not necessary!

Demi permanent color (claims to wash off in eight to twenty shampoos) has a developer that is milder in strength, very little ammonia if any, does not wash off, usually goes too dark and gives the hair a lot of shine. So it’s good and bad.Semi-permanent color has no developer, no ammonia, will not cover grey and comes in natural and fashion colors, washes right out unless it is heated or if the hair is damaged. The old saying that 'when you want it to stay it won’t and when you want it to wash out it won’t' is true in this case! There are also a few types of direct dyes (no ammonia and no developer) that are usually applied to pre lifted (bleached) hair that come in natural and fashion colors, also. There is a company that advertises “organic” hair color and they have adopted that name – it contains MEA’s and does not cover grey well. You may also be concerned about hair loss because of coloring frequently – it’s a real thing. We can address that at Haircolor Experts.

Please remember – they will lie to you to get your money!

Permanent color consists of paraphenylene diamine (PPD) and ammonia; ammonia will dissipate when washed and is necessary to develop the dyes. Some people are sensitive to the ammonia and manufacturers have developed a different type of ammonia to develop the dye called MEA’s so they can call their color 'ammonia free'. It is NOT ammonia free, does not seem to cover the grey as easily and fades rapidly with every washing. Permanent color permanently changes the hair but the color is not permanent. The directions given for permanent color are wrong. It should never be 'pulled thru' or 'combed thru' the length of the hair as the ammonia will damage the already colored hair cuticle.

So, what I have done is develop a method of formulating hair color that addresses your needs, does the least damage to the hair, uses less developer, encourages growth, covers the grey, leaves the hair shiny, does not fade and uses all types of hair coloring agents – mixed together.

More natural in chemistry and appearance and the finest hair color on the planet!

If you have any of these concerns about your color, give us the opportunity to consult with you at no charge.