Frequently Asked Questions

What if you are pregnant?

There is no evidence that proves hair color, perming, or any other chemical service presents a danger to the unborn child. Most of the physicians we have spoken with on this subject tell us that the biggest problem with coloring or perming is that the odor of the products can induce nausea in the first trimester. The reason some physicians tell their clients not to perm or color has everything to do with the fear of malpractice suits and nothing to do with the safety of the products.

We are not interested in getting into it with your doctor, and we will be happy to offer you some alternatives to your usual services should you so desire. We have found that our clients who refuse chemical services during their first pregnancy often have it all done during later pregnancies.

What is the best way to treat my hair?

We suggest that you avoid vent brushes, picks, and electric rollers and curling irons (too hot). This will keep your hair in the healthiest condition. You should cover your hair to protect it from wind damage while boating, driving, and biking. If you have long hair, sleep with it on top of your head (like The Flintstones' Pebbles) to protect it.

Does hair have to look dry, frizzy or brassy if it’s colored?

No, that’s not necessary – it does seem to be a side effect of standard coloring methods.  You can have shiny, soft, well-colored hair.  Using the highest quality colors and newest techniques we enjoy a high rate of success at Haircolor Experts and our clients enjoy their lovely, colored hair.

What is an American Board Certified Haircolorist?

Persons who are board certified in any profession take a very difficult, multi-dimensional exam, graded by their peers and earn the right to be consulted and elevated in their field.  It is a very tough exam.  There is a national registry of ABCHs’ at  – this allows a client to be referred to another high quality colorist in another part of the country.  Very reassuring to someone with a high maintenance color.  We feel our formulas are more than one step above the standards for board certification.