We are so HAPPY to offer you the latest and greatest technology here in our little studio. The game changing new bond building agent is Olaplex.  The chemical name for it is: Bis Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It works by finding single Sulphur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together. It cannot be overused and we break these bonds daily mechanically, chemically and thermally.

 It can be added to hair color and bleaches, used as a stand-alone treatment (lasts for 2 months!) on any hair type and taken home {#3} to maintain the effect. Olaplex builds bonds in the hair inside and outside, and will reduce frizz leaving the hair smooth, shiny and strong with regular use. Reasonably priced and the fact that your hair will stop breaking, makes this a product almost everyone can use with superior results. Problem hair? Olaplex makes shampoo and conditioner, #4 & #5, styling products, #6 & #7. And a moisturizing mask, #8. Economical as you’ll need only a small amount.

 In addition to the ‘Stand Alone’ treatment we offer you THE 4 IN 1 Moisture Mask is a highly powerful professional reparative hair mask, specially designed to restore healthy moisture into damaged and dull hair like never before. Ten minutes for weeks of body and shine!

The Shinbi Treatment: we like to layer the Olaplex over the Shinbi treatment to add protein and moisture to the strength of the hair. This layering system of proteins leaves the hair fuller and more manageable and actually becomes part of your hair. It has been discontinued but available until we run out.

The Milbon Treatment is a 2-step protein and moisturizing treatment, takes a minute or two at the sink and lasts up to 5 weeks!

 We are delighted to use all new forms of bleaching technology. We buffer all of our custom mixture bleaches and colors with our own Color ZEN™ [developed right here!] to leave the hair supple, not brittle, a permanent effect.  No itch, no burn, no scabbing! We know you’ll like the results as much as we do. 

 Each hair color formula, made here for you, is a custom blend of up to eight different commercial lines and up to five different types of hair colors.  We believe that one single line, brand or manufacturer of color offers too few choices for us to create a natural looking, long lasting, vibrant and shiny color.   We are committed to the health of your hair and we want you to wear only the finest hair color available. You will come to expect consistent results from us – every time.  We believe your hair is your most important accessory – You.  Wear. It.  Every.  Day.

 Let me step into the shower with you ¼ if you are less than five ft. tall or have very thick hair (or just want an easy way to do stuff) invest in a detachable showerhead.  Around $40. will buy you a personal power wash/rinse.  As you think about washing your very damaged hair, get it wet and apply Olaplex #3 and #8 for 10 to 20 minutes weekly.

 Before getting in the shower spray your hair about 10 to 20 times with a spray-on, leave-in hair conditioner that contains silicone.  This will protect your color from the effects of chlorine and shampoo, i.e.: fade.  We sell, use and recommend that you use shampoos that do not contain detergents, commonly listed on the label as sodium laureth sulfate, TEA lauryl sulfate, MEA, DEA and such.  These are the same ingredients commonly found in baby shampoos; dishwashing detergents and you get the picture – Harsh.

 After washing and rinsing your hair is the time to apply a moisturizer, reconstructor and detangler – in that order – you may layer them on and not rinse them out completely. The newer conditioners are not made of waxes and alcohol. They have ingredients that we use on the skin and are good for the hair. Have you tried Milbon #3?

 Treatments work in about 45 seconds and should be applied sparingly and often. Exception - Olaplex #3 and #8 Moisture Mask should be left on the hair for at least 10 minutes.

 Hot oil treatments and coconut oil do not help your hair; really, they are very good for removing your hair color and clogging the scalp, however. Follow or just use a detangling rinse. If your long hair tangles and always has, we suggest you try the Milbon #3 rinse. You’ll love not tugging and pulling on your hair.

 Now wrap the hair in a towel and let it sit for about five minutes.  No scrubbing or ‘buffing’ your hair with the towel!  That is the exact way to remove the shine from your hair and weaken/break stressed hair. Wet, bleached hair is very fragile and should not be combed through until it’s more than halfway dry. Simply drying will remove most of the tangles. While the hair is damp apply a mousse, gel or favorite smoothing potion to the hair. Let us recommend a few great styling products for your hair type.  

 If your dryer is more than 10 years old, invest in a new ionic dryer.  These dryers really do reduce frizz and dry your hair faster and more gently.  They will have lower EMF’s and an ionic dryer [under $50, really] will moisturize your hair as it dries rather than cook the water away.  Please comb or brush your bleached hair in the shower with conditioner – not when you get out of the shower – that is when hair is most fragile and breaks easily.  We also recommend that you not use curling irons, combs, brushes and tools with metal parts, vent brushes or pics.

 You might dry your hair upside down or any way you wish rather than spend a long time using a round brush to get it smooth and straight like your stylist does.  Set your hair with Velcro rollers (with a little tension) when it is just dry and leave it while you apply your make-up and get your coffee and a healthy breakfast (which, I hope includes vitamins). Hair falling out? Take VIVISCAL.  If you keep your hair 3 ½ inches or shorter we will waive the above rules because you are keeping it short and sassy not long and luxurious.

One of the best suggestions I can give you is to find a way to sit down while fixing your hair and applying your make-up.  Set up a dressing table for yourself somewhere in your house with a lighted magnifying mirror, other mirrors, all of your make up, brushes, rollers and vitamins.

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There are 1.7 million licensed hair colorists in the US today; only 5,000 of them have passed the rigorous testing of the American Board of Certified Haircolorists to become board certified.  That’s me, Kathy Partin, ABCH.

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