Want to make Ultra Customized, Hand-Crafted Color Formulations!?

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Color Concentration!  $69.00

Color Concentration DVD

Newest techniques for formulating since they invented hair color!

You can do better than 20 volume formulas that your client can buy.

Not an infomercial, 1 & ½ hr. DVD ~ REAL hair color education.  

Written, Directed & Produced by Kathy Partin, ABCH, Subject Matter Expert and Educator for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists, Salon Owner, Platform Artist and Independent Hair Color Consultant with 30 Plus Years of Experience in Hair Color.



This DVD is not for the beginning colorist.  Improve the condition of color treated hair by 50 to 80% ~ your clients will love you for it!  Easily create accurate formulas that cannot be duplicated at home.
Among other things, this DVD explains:
  • Hair Structure
  • Color Types
  • How to Make Peroxide
  • How to Formulate

Anthony Presotto, Salon Owner, Queensland, Australia:  

 "I am so happy I came across your DVD.  I am working with your information and the results are no longer ok..... They are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  I was amazed from the first coloring attempt on.  Thank you!  Cheers, Your new best friend, Anthony"

Odin Moirera, Colorist, Boston, MA:

    "I just want you to know how pleased I am with all the colors I've done with my new Color Concentration© formulas!  I couldn't be happier.  I absolutely love all the information on your DVD and will put it to good use.  Kudos to you! Thank you so much for your enlightenment.  You have enriched my career and propelled me to a new level of professionalism.  Much appreciated.  Regards, Odin"  

LuAnn White, Salon Owner, Mountain View, CA:

     "Being an American Board Certified Haircolorist changed my career path forever completing my extensive education.  Kathy Partin, BCH, her Color Concentration© DVD and her Color ZEN™ opened the door AGAIN!  NEVER will you go back to following the manufacturers’ instructions after taking her class and studying her DVD.  Your results will without question astonish you.  I could not believe my eyes.  Her genius potion, Color ZEN, will force you into hair color that is superlative.  Benefits beyond perfect color are saving time, money and staying power!  You must not only try it but, like me, never again create haircolor of any kind without it!  I am warning you....it is addictive!!!"

Phill, Stylist, Canberra, Australia:

     "Thank you.  I have been getting very stale of late and having a new way to stimulate the brain when it comes to color really helps get me going again.  Thank you for sharing your DVD and thinking differently.  It helps to keep some of us [namely me] interested after 21 years of hairdressing.  Kindest Regards, Phill"

 Jan Norris, ABCH, Salon Owner, Denver CO

     "I am always looking for the 'next best' thing on the market.  After using Color Concentration© techniques and Color ZEN™ for several years now I have not found a product or a method that compares.  This is in a class by itself in its' unique performance and composition.  Clients immediately notice and enjoy reduced scalp discomfort and less staining.  No matter what color line is used Zen provides a slip and emollience to the formula allowing it to stretch further and leaving the hair in the best possible condition.  I never allow myself to run out of this wonder product and consider it my secret weapon!!  Luvya!"

This DVD is so controversial that BTC.com will NOT sell it!