Color Concentration

Color Concentration™ and Safe High Volume Use

         Kathy Partin, ABCH will empower the professional colorist in their pursuit of state-of-the-art salon color formulations.  Kathy believes Color Concentration™ and the safe use of higher volumes of peroxide are invaluable tools for concrete results that go far beyond the color manufacturers’ instruction.

       Many modern hair color clients are more than savvy about hair color and its application.  They ask questions that a mere beauty-school education will not qualify you to answer.  Their complaints are justified – if you are using 20 volume and they are using 20 volume ~ what is the difference???  Your client demands and deserves the best professional color that a hair colorist can provide. 

         Improve your professional hair color abilities with advanced formulating concepts and possibilities with Kathy’s Color Concentration™ techniques. Make your color work stand apart from any other by using formulas no one else dare.  Eliminate many common problems such as facial stains, burning scalp, blackness at the temples and band marks up the shaft.  Your newfound hair color confidence will let your clients know that you will be accurate, their color will be fabulous and experience much less fade.

         Color Concentration™ formulas leave the hair in 50 to 80% better condition than conventional formulas! 

        Empower yourself with whatever color lines you are currently using in your salon!  Make color more fun!  Be in control of color!  Take the confusion out of the formulation process.  In two days you’ll learn more about color than you ever dreamed possible! 

  • Basic things color products will and will not do
  • How to mix, measure and store hydrogen peroxide in your salon starting with 100 or 130 volume
  • How to formulate for the richest single-application results
  • How to choose the amount and which volume of peroxide to use in every case
 Day 1
  • Class objectives, color basics, simple formulations  
  •  Experience a film prepared for you, advanced formulations, swatches, color correction
 Day 2
  • Tag-team live models, formulate and execute
  • Lunch provided from 1 to 2
  • Questions & answers
  • Technique & motivational class
  • Wrap-up and certificates

Classes are strictly limited to 10 professionals who qualify. A delicious lunch is included. Models are provided.  To qualify you must have worked with more than one line of color, be actively licensed for more than 2 years and know how to foil with some accuracy (we will not be teaching marketing or business procedures – just color.).  Bring an open mind and be prepared to be amazed.

Kathy is available to come to your salon, to teach your staff!

$399  MasterCard, Visa & Discovery accepted.  

 To book or for questions e-mail - Kathy

 Reserve now, strictly limited to 10 students.


Kathy Partin, American Board Certified Haircolorist

·         Subject Matter Expert for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists

·      Salon owner for 27 years

·          Educator for the ABCH Energizing Summit

·          Chemical educator and platform artist for Jhirmack and Mastey

·          Featured in Modern Salon and HairColor & Design Magazines

·          Successful hair color specialty salon owner for 27 years

·          Over 48 active years in the industry

·          Apprenticed active board certified hairdresser

·          Presenter at the International Hair Color Exchange

·          Local TV, news and magazine publications

Unsolicited comments from colorists just like you

You have given me the confidence to go beyond the average limit.”  - Connie

 “I’m like a kid in a candy store with all this stuff!”    - Larry

 “I am happy if I learn one or two things at a seminar – this time I’m afraid I won’t remember all this great information!”      - Erin

 “I can’t believe the ‘movie star’ hair color we are doing in our salon thanks to your help!”     - Alan

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