You don't want to color hair without it!

"I use Color Zen in every color I do. I get greater color retention; the hair is always in great condition, my redheads love the grey coverage and lack of fade. This is great stuff!" C.P., San Jose, California

Comments From Current Users

"My clients notice no scalp irritation; they agree that their hair feels good all the time now. I love the way it works in bleach and that I am conditioning their hair while I work.L.T., Billings Montana

"The effect and results of hair color are excellent using Color Zen!!J.R., Needham, Massachusetts

"Clients notice that the color stays vibrant longer and covers the gray better. They love it!G.B., Vidor, Texas

"When using Color Zen in my colors I see long lasting color, no fade, great shine and condition and the tone stays true to the color selected. My clients notice and comment all the time. I wouldn't color/bleach without it!" L.W., Palo Alto, California

If you are an Olaplex user, rest assured, put Color Zen® and Olaplex into your formulas for the very best results. They do what they do with no conflict whatever.

Works with any line or type of color and bleach.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use ½ teaspon in any hair color or bleach formula. Remember to stir it up!

Simple to use

Handmade in small batches with love.


Give your work a little better edge and your clients a reason to return to YOUR chair.

Use           COLOR ZEN®  in every formula!

  • Allows any formula to develop to a truer tone, with less fade.
  • Eliminates all of the itching, burning or 'heat' from the scalp as color develops, medicinal, in that people have been and will color their hair even in the presence of pain!
  • Leaves the hair supple and flexible after coloring  - not stiff or brittle - contains anti-oxidants to improve the hair condition - this is a permanent result!
  • Leaves the hair shiny - improves the core condition of the hair by 50% to 80% with continued use.
  • Reduces skin staining and hair breakage from coloring - great for sensitive hair and skin.
  • Makes bleach easier to work with the professional - no puffing.
  • More economical to use in color - the formula goes farther - use less color. 

Color Zen® is an all-natural, economical, 'green' cosmetic designed to be mixed into hair color for the professional imparting the follow: